Meet the team

Mark Taylor - Head of Coaching & Development

Mark started Judo aged 8 and began his Judo Journey in Gorebridge at Yoshin Judo.  Mark had a lot of success at junior level and achieved several Scottish Junior titles. Mark went on to be successful at both Youth and Senior level training at George Kerr's Edinburgh Club and was coached by Harry MacIntyre. Mark gained several Scottish titles and British Championship medals, his most memorable result of that time being a Senior Commonwealth Bronze Medal. Mark attended Sports College and enjoyed coaching Judo throughout venues in Edinburgh and East Lothian. Eventually travelling to Hong Kong in 1997 where he coached in schools and sports clubs. During this time Mark trained at the Hong Kong Kodokan and Sports Institute. Mark sustained an injury during a training camp in Macau and was forced  return to the UK for rehabilitation, but was unable to make a full return to competitive Judo. Taking up a career in Residential Child Care Mark continued to enjoy teaching Judo to the young people he was working with who got to experience the benefits Judo can have physically, socially and emotionally.


In 2016 Mark returned to competitive Judo and has had success competing at Masters level both home and abroad winning both Scottish and British titles.




British Masters Gold 2016

Scottish Masters Gold 2017

France Eurometropole Masters Silver 2017

German Saxony Masters Gold 2017

European Veterans Croatia 2017 Team Silver

World Veterans Championships Sardinia 2017 7th Place

Scottish Open International Silver 2018


Mark will be heading to France in January 2018 to try and improve on his Silver Medal from last year. It will then be back to the European Veterans in June which is being hosted by JudoScotland and the British Judo Association at the Emirates Stadium in Glasgow. 


Coaching Judo remains a passion and Mark was keen to make a return to this and he has set up the newest Judo Club in Midlothian, Randori Judo  which has been 'thrown' into action in 2018. 


Being qualified to degree level in Health & Social Care and holding a Diploma in Sports Coaching and Development as well as a fully qualified British Judo Association UKCC Level 2 matside coach and PVG checked Mark is looking to provide quality Judo coaching based around having fun learning and promoting Social, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing.


Judo is a sport for all ages, abilities and genders and Mark hopes that Randori Judo will encourage participation in the local community and promote a sense of belonging and achievement which ever form that may take.

Rob Wallace -  Squad Development Coach 

A Midlothian Local, Rob was a late starter to Judo, not picking the sport up until his mother encouraged him along to Lasswade Judo Club at 14 years old. Rob was described by his first judo coach John Barrington as possibly the most annoying child he had ever met, however despite being removed from the club on two occasions, John stuck with Rob and eventually Rob found a love for the sport.

With his newfound passion and an outlet for his annoying behaviour, Rob started training hard, competing, picking up medals locally and performing well at national events.

At the age of 17 Rob won the Scottish Junior Championship, thereafter earning him a place on the Scottish National Development Squad and achieving his black belt a few months later.

Through this Rob met former Olympian David Somerville, thereafter moving most of his training to Just Judo and Edinburgh Judo where he was coached by world class coaches and able to train full time with British Judo's top tier, giving him access to the best training partners and coaches available at that time. However throughout this time Rob felt the call to share his newfound knowledge and progressively his passion moved from competing towards coaching.

Around this time Rob left his job and became a full-time Judo coach, taking on professional education including an HNC in Health Fitness and Exercise and gaining his UKCC level 2 coaching certification. Rob then coached professionally throughout Midlothian and Edinburgh for 7 years.  Some accolades of the Judoka coached by Rob include many Black Belt Dan grade Promotions, Scottish Champions and British Team members. Rob has also taught Judo internationally in France and the USA.

At 24 Rob left Judo to start a career in the police stepping away from Judo for 6 years, it wasn't until his own son was ready to start judo that he became involved in the sport again. During this time Rob's original club finished up, and as such he no longer had a judo home...and the Judo nomad was born.

Thanks to his coach and friend Lee Calder of Esprit Judo as well as Tam Hardie at Focus Judo, Rob slowly regained a passion for the sport. In 2017 Rob competed for the first time in nearly 8 years, taking away a bronze medal at the UKPS British Championships.

In 2017 Rob met up with a fellow Judoka named Mark Taylor and Rob helped Mark train for Masters Competitions. Also with a love for the sport Mark shared a vision of Judo in Midlothian, coincidentally Rob quite liked what Marks vision and decided to come along for a play at Randori Judo.

Rob liked what was happening at Randori so much he decided to bring his own two Children along and was invited to come along and get involved in the coaching set-up. Rob is the creator of the JudoSaurus programme rolling out in 2019, the goal of which is to inevitably get pre school Children healthy, happy and involved in Judo.

Rob brings a wealth of coaching experience to Randori Judo, where he will be involved with the Ippon Squad as Development Coach and the occasional running of the Junior and Senior classes when other commitments permit. Rob's absolute enthusiasm for Judo, Coaching and Children’s Development is infectious.

Rob says he is massively excited for himself and his family to be part of the Randori Family and contributing to the development of all Randori Judoka no matter what their DREAM is on and of the Tatami.






Callum MacLennan - Coach

Callum is a 2nd Dan black belt and fully qualified BJA UKCC Level 2 Judo Coach. Callum first started judo aged 7 at Highland Budokan Judo Club in Dingwall in the Highlands, after his Mum, who had done judo as a teenager, took him along to a session. Although he wasn’t sure about trying it beforehand, he absolutely loved it and hasn’t stopped doing judo since! At Highland Budokan he was coached by Robert Inglis. He competed regularly as a junior and in 2013 he became Scottish Junior Champion, after winning silver 4 years in a row. He was also a member of the JudoScotland Talent Development and Performance squads, attending national and international competitions and training camps. He obtained his 1st Dan at the age of 18 and his 2nd Dan at the age of 20. He moved to Edinburgh in 2012 for university and immediately joined the university’s judo club. In his 2nd year there he began coaching as a volunteer/assistant, obtaining his UKCC level 1 qualification at the end of the year, and has continued coaching there ever since. He continued to compete at university level, winning bronze and silver medals at the British University Championships in 2013 and 2016, respectively. Callum says he is excited to be a part of the coaching team at Randori Judo and can’t wait to get started! 

Michael MacLennan - Coach

Michael is a recently qualified UKCC Level 2 coach and 1st Dan black belt. Michael began his judo journey aged 6 after watching his older brother (guess who?) on the mat with great interest he couldn’t wait to give it a go. From his first session until he moved from the Highlands to Edinburgh in 2014 he was coached by Robert Inglis at Highland Budokan. For a number of years Michael enjoyed being a recreational judo player, making friends and loving how fun judo is as a child. He began competing regularly at around 13, this eventually lead to regular international competitions and training camps with the Scottish talent development and performance squads. Michael won 2 British cadet championships bronze medals in 2012 and 2013, alongside a 7th place finish at the Portuguese cadet European cup in 2012 as some of his most memorable results. He moved to Edinburgh to study computer science at Edinburgh University, immediately becoming involved at the club there. He obtained his UKCC level 1 qualification 2 months after joining the club, and has been coaching at the university for the past 4 years. Alongside coaching and studying he also competed regularly on the university circuit, being part of the university team winning the Scottish student championships and medalling at tournaments in the UK and abroad. After a spell of injuries he decided to take a step back from competing and focus on coaching, completing his UKCC Level 2 qualification at the beginning of June. Michael is thrilled to be part of the Randori judo team and is excited to help our members take the first steps on their judo journey.

Pamela Leishman -  Coach & Treasurer

Pamela works for Police Scotland and has many colleagues involved in Judo. Better known as Pam, she enjoyed Judo as a Junior member of Yoshin Judo Club and laterly Heikokwai and was coached by Adam Livingstone. Pam had success at Junior Regional Level and also competed in National competitions. Pam has made a return to the Judo Tatami and is currently working on acheiving her 1st Kyu brown belt and is a  British Judo Association UKCC Level 1 Coach. 

Leo Tyalor - Coach & Committee Member

Leo has been doing Judo for 3 years. He has been helping at Randori Judo since March 2018 . Leo is UKCC level 1 coaching qualification. As well as Judo Leo enjoys helping out at Rugby. He has been playing Rugby for 7 years. Leo is a  British Judo Association UKCC Level 1 Coach and  an apprentice in Plumber.

Lee Taylor - Welfare Officer

Lee is a 1st KYU Brown belt and works for Midlothian Council as a Maintenance Surveyor. He is a qualified plumber and served his apprenticeship at Midlothian Council. As well as Judo Lee enjoys Rugby.

Stephen Neilson - Sports Therapist

07971 620344

Stephen enrolled in a sports therapy course at Edinburgh College with the long-term view of becoming a sports therapist after was diagnosed with a serious eye condition called Macular Degeneration. He was enrolled in the 2014 sports and exercise access course which enabled him to go on to further studies. After two and a half years of hard work Stephen left college with an HNC and HND as an ‘A’ pass student. Stephen has continued to develop his skill base by attending professional development courses and gaining experience by using the permitted work scheme for part-time employment. Local hairdressers Shear Expressions has provided a room Stephen could use for delivering his treatments.

Stephen has helped many of our seniors with muscle strains and injuries with a result in Randori Judo working in partnership with Stephen. He is our official Sports therapist.

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